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Relocating door knob latch hole in frame

Good Morning. I'm trying to relocate a door knob in my entry door, as it hits the deadbolt in my security screen. I purchased the wood door lock installation kit, so I have no problem with the door itself; however, I need to put the hole in the frame to match. Can I use this same kit, or how would I "wing it?"

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Posted 2013-05-11T16:49:21+0000  by ptrnmkr ptrnmkr

Hello ptrnmkr and welcome to the community!


Typically the door install kits are usually for the door only, not the jamb/frame. What you can is, with the door lock installed, rub some paint or chalk on the end lock latch/bolt, turn the handle or lever so the latch retracts into the door, then close the door and engage the latch/bolt. Engage & disengage the latch a few times to make sure there is a mark on the jamb. Then open the door and you should have a mark on the jamb where you need to drill and install the latch plate. 


I hope this helps!


door lock install.jpg

Posted 2013-05-16T16:16:03+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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