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Remodeling our kitchen

Hi, new here and hoping to get a little help with our kitchen remodel.  Right now we are living with a kitchen stuck in the 80's.  We want to replace the cabinets, countertops, floor and paint. We've already updated our appliances so those are staying. Our kitchen opens up into our dining room and we recently bought a new diningroom set which was the first purchase of the remodel. We are in the process of ordering our cabinets and just need to pick out a countertop and floors.

My question is what should be done first after we remove our existing cabinets and countertops?

I would assume the floors should be done then paint before we install the cabinets?

Any help would be great, thanks :smileyhappy:


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Posted 2012-04-16T12:36:06+0000  by sparkly96 sparkly96

Hi Sparkly96:smileywink:  We are so glad you stopped by and joined the community.


It sounds like you are about to have some major DIY fun with your kitchen remodel.  


   Having been involved in the construction trade has taught me that the success of a remodeling project is determined by how well you stick to the timing and order of each step.   Here are just a few thoughts on what should be done before certain stages are complete.


   I like to do most of all the painting before any flooring or cabinetry is installed.  This greatly reduces the risk of damaging any new finished materials. I suggest completely painting any ceilings, trim, and closets before the installation of cabinets. Sometimes its hard to work around them once their in place and it will be much more productive.  Prep, prime, and paint the walls with the first coat of paint and wait to apply the second coat after the installation is complete.  The walls may get a little scuffed up during the install - so this allows for that in advance.


   Next all depends on what kind of flooring you are planning on installing.  If you are putting down new tile or hardwood - you will want to do this before the installation of the cabinets (lots can happen :smileysurprised:). Make sure you have exact measurements for where the cabinets and appliances will sit so you can install the flooring up to the edge.  If you are simply refinishing an existing hardwood floor - then you may want to do the sanding and first coat of polyurethane before installing the cabinets (lots of dust). 


   After the cabinets are installed you can apply the final coat of paint to the walls, touch-up any trim that got damaged, and apply a final coat of polyurethane on the floor.  Also, waiting to install new vinyl flooring or a floating floor system until this time would be good as well.


Hope this helped.




Posted 2012-04-16T14:05:26+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

Thanks, this definately helped :smileyvery-happy:

Posted 2012-04-16T17:02:31+0000  by sparkly96

This was very helpful info.  I am also remodeling a kitchen from the 80's and would like some info on when in the order of things do you remove and replace tile backsplashes.  We want to replace the tile backsplash, the countertops, refinish and paint the cabinets and paint the walls and replace the flooring.  What to do first is my biggest question.  Per your response, it sounds like painting is first.  right?

Posted 2013-01-14T21:59:39+0000  by tdominguez4463
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