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Remodling the whole bathroom

As my title says I will be remodling my whole bathroom. New Deep soaking tub new tile (mold & water behind old tile) new toilet, new vanity, new mirror, trim, medicane cabnet. My problem is this I don't know where to start, I find some things I like at Home Depot but then I find other things I like at other web sites. I have this design in my head but I just can't seem to get it out on paper for the hole picture. I thought about going to a remodling company but to design & redo my bath (without even looking at it they said it would be around $18,000.00... I guess what I am really saying is I need help finding some one to help me get my design on paper without having to amputate an arm or a leg...



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Posted 2010-12-03T18:22:11+0000  by kcoupons101 kcoupons101

Hey there kcoupons101,


Great to hear you're taking on the project, and thanks for thinking of us! =D


Anytime that I personally start up large projects like this or have customers come in to consult with me, I always start with a basic layout. It sounds kinda cliche sure, but getting a nice drawing of what your "dream bathroom" looks like goes a long way. That way you know what you want, and where you want it. I've even taken clippings of model rooms or vanities from magazines, and put them together into my own little haphazard bathroom.


Don't hesitate about your art skills, it's just for layouts sake. I would recommend grid-paper, that way you can be proportionate and have accurate measurements. Take all your measurements, as far as the total area of the room to how big of a cabinet space you want or how big the mirror will be. It will help you out tremendously later on, take my word for it.


Now, the best way to tackle getting all the products rounded up and getting you an accurate estimate; I would recommend setting you up with a local designer at one of our stores. Working face to face really helps in getting your needs across, as well as helping to see the product up close and personal. They can also provide great design tips and insight too, and set you up with professional measuring services to make sure the job is done right.


Stop by your local store and ask to speak to one of our kitchen/bath designers, and they will sit down with you to help walk you through the whole project. That's what we're here for. =D If you're not sure on which is the closest store to you, check out our handy Store Finder tool at the very top of the page.


Any questions that you get, or anything else that I can do to help make this project go as smoothly as possible, please let me know~

Posted 2010-12-03T19:49:31+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI

we have torn out our master bath to the studs and floor joists.  biggest problem will be putting in bigger shower.  yikes, i think we will need help with moving plumbing and setting the new base to get everything within 1/32 of inch!

Posted 2012-06-21T15:59:18+0000  by amsulliv
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