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Remote controlled Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan speed problem

I have a 10 years old Hampton Bay ceiling fan. The SKU# is 524-606. Only the low speed works but I have to push on the medium or high button to get it going. I have replaced the remote control battery to no effect.  I would like to know if it is a motor or controller problem and how to fix it. Thanks for any help.

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Posted 2011-07-31T16:55:30+0000  by JY JY

Hey JY.


It sounds like your 3 speed fan switch has gone out on you. This is easy to access, for all you have to do is drop the light kit and the switch is the one inside the unit that connects to the pill chain. Be sure to not get the light switch, but the speed switch. Bring in the switch to the store and let my electrician get you a new one.


Be sure to kill the breaker before unwiring this switch.

3 spaad fan switch.jpg

Posted 2011-07-31T17:28:00+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

This fan does not have any switch. It is a remote controlled only fan. It came this way. It is mounted too high (10ft) to be able to be a "switch" type fan.

Posted 2011-07-31T20:55:48+0000  by JY1

Hey JY1,


 It sounds like you have a 52" Redington fan with the SKU number you gave us...



Even though it's 10 years old, we sold that model in our stores until just a few years ago. From what you have stated, it does sound like your receiver is out. greengiant was right about having a pull chain on the model, but it was for the light kit and not the fan speed. The receiver is the part that breaks the wiring of your fan before it goes to the switch, so that it can 'receive' your signal from the remote control. While these typically don't go out in a few years, throughout 10 years it could of been a victim of power spikes, solenoid gone bad, you name it's time to change it.


Since it sounds like the remote control is still working, I would recommend calling Hampton Bay for a replacement receiver, this should be the culprit in your fan speed problem.


And, if you need to change out and view other parts of your Redington fan, I have found the Owner's Manual for your fan, which can be found here


Hope this helps you out,




Posted 2011-08-01T13:12:53+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Silver, You hit it right on the nail! Thank you. Now we'll see if Hampton Bay can help with the remote problem.

In my case, I can no long get the light to function separate from the fan. I have to unscrew the bulbs at night while the fan turns.  Thanks again!

Posted 2012-01-27T03:53:41+0000  by br
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