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Remote replacement

I would like to replace a standard three speed remote with a Thermostatic type.  Do I need to replace the receiver in the fan as well or just set new sender to current code?

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Posted 2012-04-18T16:03:27+0000  by Paladin353 Paladin353



My name is Tom, known here in the community as HD116. Thermostatic remotes are a great way to help control energy costs and make homes more comfortable.


While most I have seen operate on dip switches, I am not certain about compatibility with your ceiling fan. Your new thermostatic remote will come with a receiver that is to be mounted in the fan housing. I would try to see if the remote will work with the existing receiver before switching it out, but feel it is unlikely. I think the exception would be if the remote manufacturer is the same.


Hope that helps.

Posted 2012-04-18T17:56:31+0000  by HD116

i have a ceiling fan I inherited with the house with a bum remote.  I do not see any dip switches and am looking for a remote that will work some other way.  Could I use a thermostat remote on a ceiling fan?  Thanks!

Posted 2012-12-05T03:09:09+0000  by cabernet
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