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Remote suddenly stop controlling the lights.

I changed for a new controller (Same PN as original), set the same microswitches positions, but the new one does the same thing. I did not change the receiver, but what it makes me suspicious is that when I press the "light" button in the transmitter, the LED does not lights up. Other thing I did was to switch back and forth the light switch in the fan itself.

The only thing I was able to find out as numbers in the top of the motor case are TYPE T, MOD CAT 25516-380. The fan works fine, in the three settings.

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Posted 2013-01-23T21:30:11+0000  by richrfl richrfl

Hi Richrfl, welcome to the community and were glad you joined. Sorry to hear about you remote problem. I tried your model number, however nothing came up as a match to a fan.


What brand of remote did you buy? If your fan is a Hampton Bay or Hunter, there should be a sticker located on the top of the motor housing with the model number and UPC code. You will need these as there are several manufactures of these fans.


Once you have this information you can post me back and I will get you headed in the right direction, to get your lights up and working again. If there is no other information, please provide me the name of the remote and we will try and use that to figure out the problem.

Posted 2013-01-24T17:03:51+0000  by Ken_HD_OC
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