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Remove a broken shower strainer/drain

Hi, I'm trying to fix a leaking shower drain. I took off the shower strainer and found that there where cracks in the strainer body that screws into the drain body. I tried to remove the strainer body with a pair of channel locks with no success, only broke off the two areas that the strainer was screwed to. Any ideas on how I can remove it with out damaging the rest of the drain? Is my only option to break it off in pieces and hope for the best?

This is what I have
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Posted 2016-11-13T19:45:52+0000  by JoeO JoeO

Hi JoeO.


Taking this type of shower drain out can be a bit challenging.  If the screws are fused into the ABS housing, you will need to us an EZ out to remove the screws.



The Home Depot carries a Shower Drain Removal Tool that may make it easier to remove your shower drain once the strainer cover has been removed if you have the internal structure that this tool will work on.


Tub Drain Removal Tool Sku#1000-012-535.


This type of shower drain is actually threaded into the ABS drain pipe which means you should be able to unscrew it.


Once the strainer has been removed, and if the Tub Drain Removal Tool is not working, you may need the Ridgid Internal Wrench SKU #1001055077 to remove the body of the drain.



It is a bit more expensive but it may be a better option.


Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.



Posted 2016-11-15T17:59:19+0000  by Rick_HD_OC
Hello joeO.

Let me post a picture of the drain you have:

Since you have the strainer off, you can see that the top flange of the shower drain screws into the underside and clamps the flanges together which seals the drain.  The drain is solvent welded to the 2" pipes that carry water to the main line. 

While this drain is not designed to offer easy disassembly, when it leaks, I assume the leak comes from the sealing flanges.  If the base assembly or pipes below that are leaking, (cracked/broken), then you will have to cut out the drain pipe after the damage and install an entirely new drain.

With a sealing flange leak, it may be possible to use a hammer and chisel to carefully try and force the upper body and top flange to unscrew.  Tap the upper body to move it in a counter-clockwise direction.  If you crack it that's OK, as long as you do not damage the lower part of the drain body.  If you eventually get it out, then take the top to your local Home Depot plumbing department and get a replacement.  You will have to purchase the whole drain assembly, as parts like your top piece are not sold separately.  Use the new rubber seal.  You should be able to remove the old one that sits just under the floor pan and set the new one in place.  That's what is allowing a flange leak in the first place.

Good luck!



Posted 2016-11-18T14:36:18+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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