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Remove a large mirror

I want to remove a large mirror from my bathroom wall. It appears to be glued to the wall.  There are no braces, brackets or frame.  Can you tell me how to remove it with out destroying the fiberboard?

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Posted 2011-03-02T20:54:47+0000  by denny denny

Hello Denny,


Welcome to the Community.


I’m assuming that when you say fiberboard you’re talking about the drywall. Unfortunately there is not a miracle way to save the drywall if the mirror was put up with adhesive. The only suggestion that I can make is be patient.


Safety first: For this project you will need a helper and should wear long sleeves, leather gloves, and glasses or a face shield.


Then take some duct tape and adhere it to the mirror in many different directions. This is to make sure that if it breaks it won’t fall on you.  Once you have it all taped up it’s time to try and get it off the wall.


I would rent a couple large suction handle and place them on the mirror. This will give a good handle to hold onto once the mirror starts to release from the wall.


If the mirror is not resting on something like the vanity then you should put a couple of pieces of wood to brace it from the floor.


Then take a small pry bar and work your way around the edges of the mirror trying to pop the adhesive away for the wall. Remember slow and easy. Make sure that one of you always keeps a hand on the mirror so if it comes off faster than you expected it won’t fall to the ground. Persistence and patience will pay off in this project.


The only damage that should happen to the drywall will be the outer layer of the paper ripping off. You can patch it easily with a small tub of drywall mud and a putty knife.


Check this link to another discussion on our Community regarding mirror removal. You might want to read thru it to see if you can get other tips.

I hope this helps you with you mirror removal project. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Good luck..

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Posted 2011-03-02T23:09:19+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
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