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Remove a stripped slot head screw

Yep, I reached the dreaded moment of stripping the screw and having to walk away. I just moved into a place that has one of those old tables built in that folds up into a cabinet and I want to refinish the tabletop. Of course it's attached with slot head screws and I stripped one of them. I know the tips for philips screws, but what about slot heads? 

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Posted 2012-07-23T23:35:13+0000  by WhiskeyRabbit WhiskeyRabbit

Hi Wiskeyrabbit, Welcome to the community.

There are several methods to remove a stripped screw.


If you were successful in getting the screw part way out or if you can get a grip on the head try removing it with a pair of vice grips, needle nose vice grips work best.

Clamp the vice grip on the head of the screw and slowly turn it counter clockwise.

If the screw is well seated in the wood and grabbing the head is not possible, then you will need a screw extractor, there are several styles.

The Pro Grabit Screw Extractor works very well. The set contains three screw removers, each designed for a specific range of screw sizes. (a chart is on the package)

Select the proper size remover, one end has a drill type bit, this is designed to bore out the screw head.

Place the remover in your drill and bore out the screw head, then reverse the bit in the drill.

The opposite end has a two edged extractor which will fit into the bored out head and remove the screw.

They work quite well, just be sure to use a very slow drill speed.

I hope this helps solve your problem.




Posted 2012-07-24T00:31:57+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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