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Remove concrete pedestal in basement

Hello all,

I have an approximately 80 year old home, and it includes the random and infuriating "features" which naturally accompany an older home. One of these "features" is a lovely concrete pedestal installed on my basement floor. it measures to be a little more than three inches tall and a foot by two foot. I do not believe that it was poured as part of the foundation concrete slab.

My problem is that it sits directly at the bottom of the stairs to the basement which I plan to replace, and it would serve only to cause an awkward in-between bottom step. I would like to avoid this by removing the pedestal. I was thinking I could remove it and repair any damage to the original slab with thin set concrete.

Do you all think that is a reasonable plan? If so, what tools would I use to remove the pedestal?

Thanks in advance!
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Posted 2012-11-11T17:01:49+0000  by Scottma Scottma

Hi Scottma,


Wow, I know what you are going through. It never fails when you start a project there always seem to be a road block.


There are several issues to consider;


First the pedestal could be cut out, but this will create a potential source of water infiltration where the old and new concrete meet.


In an old house like yours water is probably already an issue in the basement. Creating more potential leaks is not want we want to do.


I have dealt with this problem, and it is very tough to solve.


The second option is to grind it down, however this will be a very arduous and time consuming job, not one I would want to take on.


Thus my recommendation is to build around it. I might suggest building a platform at the base of the stairs. This will cover the pedestal and crate a landing at the foot of the stairs.


The run or horizontal length of the stairway can be reduced to allow for the platform without encroaching upon the space in the basement.


A second option is increase the run of the stair so the final step is past the pedestal. This will

encroach into the room somewhat but will be an easier to build option and make the stair easier to climb.


Let us know what you decide to do!



Posted 2012-11-12T20:01:29+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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