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Remove paint from concrete patio

We have a concrete patio under roof but open to the pool area in our Florida home. The paint on the concrete is fairly new but..... It is a water based concrete stain product by Sherwin Williams. The concrete appears to have had a rug glued over it previously and some of that glue was painted over. There are also areas (almost as though someone dripped something on the raw concrete) where the paint has bubbled and peeled off. Where that occurred there sis dry fuzzy like white stuff. It seems to me it is either a chemical reaction of some kind or a fungus.

I want to remove the paint and prepare it to be re-painted with a better quality paint that will be easy to care for and in a color that doesn't show the dirt- maybe some kind of earthtone. What steps do I need to take to remove the old paint and prepare the concrete in order to assure the new paint or stain or tile,  will not be compromised?


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Posted 2011-11-27T15:32:05+0000  by flafixer flafixer

You will want to apply BEHR's concrete stain/paint stripper to remove as much as you can of the existing material.  It may require a couple of applications to achieve your goal.  I would recommend using a pressure washer for your final rinse - this ensures that the entire chemical is removed.

stain stripper.jpg


After the surface is completely dry then you can apply a new coating.  Here are a couple of suggestions:


Concrete Restore was designed for this specific scenario… It has a texture built into itself that resists slipping when the surface is wet.  When applied properly and allowed to cure…it is one of the best solutions I have found.



A solid color concrete stain will work as well.  The reason you would go with solid is because after removing the old surface anything transparent will show imperfections left from the stripping.


                                                                                Solid_Color_Concrete_Stain_No._800-thmb (2).jpg


Hope this helps.




Posted 2011-11-27T18:53:20+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

For the situation I would use a Commercial pressure washer to start stripping all of the material first then use the stripper.  A commercial pressure washer has higher pressures up to 4000 psi.  You can rent this at a local Home Depot too.  After using the stripper make sure you rinse very good, if you do not remove all of the stripper chemicals the product will not stick and you will get a splotchy a final product.  Also allow the concrete to dry well as water in the concrete will cause bubbles too.

Posted 2011-11-29T14:38:24+0000  by JimRuss0539

Well i can give you the easy way to remove your current paint and repaint after this one. 1st damp to your walls properly even it become very damp. after this rub the sand this will easily remove and then put the for for clear to it. enjoy new paint for ready

Posted 2011-12-01T17:10:44+0000  by hairs

Great products and help from my local Home Depot last year.  I wish that 'Restore' product had been around 2 years ago.  Just a note - do not expect the Behr products to strip paint off the old concrete patio.  I found the most important part of the entire process was a couple of things.  1 - make sure (especially in humid Central FL) that you be patient with the weather and make sure you get a low humidity dry day with lots of sunshine - don't risk it on a 40% chance of rain day.  2 - make sure you thoroughly etch your concrete as this really is time consuming and tiring if you are scrubbing manually - but it makes all the difference when you come to apply the paint.  Behr products are great but tomorrow I am going to be repainting the patio and I shall certainly use the 'Restore' product.

Posted 2012-10-14T16:40:56+0000  by jlally1977

P.S This store is fantastic - the staff are always great - so anyone in Central FL Orlando area should try and go here:
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Posted 2012-10-14T16:43:30+0000  by jlally1977
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