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Removed old tiles, a wall of shiny glue, will USG work?


I was going off of some advice, but am now second guessing it.

I've removed old pink bathroom tiles, and have found a wall of shiny, hard glue. I think it till be too labor intensive to remove this wall of glue. I do not want to remove and add new drywall, so am wondering if USG will be appropriate to cover the glue? I guess I am wondering, will the bond be strong enough to last? 

Every DIY video that I've watched, doesn't have a thick glue wall, like I do. 

See here:


Thank you,
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Posted 2017-02-19T19:02:50+0000  by charlenemn charlenemn
I might guess that your "glue" is mastic and difficult to remove.  USG is a company that makes a bunch of building products so I don't know which one you're talking about.  Frankly, it may be best just to rip out the wall back to the studs and hang new drywall or cement board.  Or you could go over the old wall with a 1/4" cement board.
Posted 2017-02-19T22:41:56+0000  by Adam444
Thank you for tips. If it helps, the USG is a 90 minute drying time "mud".

Thank you.
Posted 2017-02-20T14:30:58+0000  by charlenemn
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