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Removing Latex Paint From Concrete

Hello Community Members,


We had a question from Wendy on Facebook about cleaning up latex paint on concrete. While situations like this do not have a perfect answer, it is my hope that she will be able to remove most of the paint from her garage floor.


Although Wendy's paint is probably dry, I am going to give two options in my answer in hopes that other members of the community may benefit as well.


While the latex paint is still wet

At the store we handle paint spills immediately using a powdered absorbent mixed into the paint to dry the fluid and then sweep it up. You can use kitty litter or saw dust if they are readily available. Krud Kutter is a general purpose cleaner labeled “Removes Dried Latex Paint.” Common cleaning supplies like a scouring pad, stiff bristle brush and paper towels combined with a good wetting with Krud Kutter will usually remove most of the embedded latex paint … several applications may be required.


When customers ask about removing paint from concrete, I usually caution them to keep a wet/dry shop-vac on hand to “pull” the material out of the cement. The reason: re-wetting paint often causes it to spread and embed again … making a larger spot. Re-wetting is the key to removing the paint … the vacuum is the key to lifting it out of the concrete.


After the latex paint has dried

A)     Scrape the surface to flake off the dried paint and then apply three coats of Krud Kutter about five minutes apart to try rewetting and removing the paint as described above. This is the least aggressive approach, uses the least caustic chemicals, and is the safest for most home owners.


B)      If that does not work, get chemical gloves, eye protection, NIOSH approved respirator for organic vapors, nylon bristle scrub brush (Garden Dept Cleaning Aisle) and use Behr’s Paint Stripper for concrete and masonry. It is in the Paint Department and is specific for this type clean-up. The gallon container has warnings that should be strictly followed to prevent skin, eye, or respiratory injury. After application, the paint should begin to wrinkle and dissolve in 1-6 hours and the floor will require several rinses with fresh water. This chemical may not remove all of the paint on the first treatment, so be prepared to re-apply and re-rinse.


C)      Above all else, read the safety warnings and BE CAREFUL!

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