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Removing Top Coat Of Paint on Cabinets without removing original coat?



Okay. I live down the street from home depot, and it seems everytime I have been I get a teenager who works there who never can answer my questions. So here goes...


Oaky a few years ago I paint, in my small tiny kitchen, the cabinets ( I believe white flat laminates normally found) I painted it with the left over green paint I had from painting my kitchen with the high gloss behr paints. I want to remove the green without removing the original white coat that comes on the cabinets. Now the thing is because when I did this it was one of my first painting jobs, I didn't really prep as well as a should have, which actually pays off now since I want to remove the green from the white cabinets. Its a light green by the way. Anyways, it pays off because literally, if I take a sharp object  (flat razor blade) I can cleanly scrape off the top coat of the light high gloss green, but these suckers are small ( the blades) on the scraper I purchased to test...  I do need to apply enough pressure to cleanly remove the top coat paint.


So I wanted to ask of any time effective,tips of what I should use as I purchased a cheap little scraper with blades at rite aid, and it ending up breaking and cutting my finger rather badly as I was applying the pressure.  SO im looking for something rather sharp, but safe. Wondering about anyway to make the scraping easier, by applying some type of safe paint removal that wont remove the original coat under the green, and actually make the scraping off easier. Because even though it's easier, I still have to apply pressure, and with normal sized cabinets, and these small devices, could take awhile.


So what tools,if blades which is best, what should I get to keep sharp? I

f there is a paint removal spray, which one that wont remove original white coating?

 And after the paint is gone, off the cab's anything I should do special, to just freshin them up, cleaning them with a specific product?


I live down the street from a big ol home depot, and I dont want to walk in there, confused as to which is good which isnt etc. So any help would be so appreciated.


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Posted 2011-10-28T01:00:18+0000  by Davy333 Davy333

Hello Davy333,


Welcome to the community..


Sorry to hear that you injured yourself. I think I can help you choose the correct tools for your job.


It sounds like you have melamine cabinets under your green paint. They are very durable so you should be just fine scrapping the paint off. Although you still have to use caution due to the finish will scratch if you don’t hold the scraper flush with the surface.


I would suggest a 4” paint scraper for all of the larger areas and a 1 ¾” window scraper for the smaller areas. They both come with replacement blades and are very durable. They are both still very sharp so you need to use them with care.

                                4in scraper.jpg        scraper.jpg

If you have some paint left in the cracks you can use a Magic Eraser Extra Power. It will scrub the surface without hurting it. (You'll be surprised what a sponge can do.) Be careful not to use anything that will take off the surface of the melamine. No harsh chemicals.

                                                  magic eraser.jpg

Once you have all of the paint scraped off I would just use a mild soap and wash them down good. This will get rid of any remaining residue.


With a little elbow grease and patience this should get your cabinets back to their original white color.


Thanks again for joining the community.


 Let me know if you have any other questions. I would love to help.

Posted 2011-10-28T19:18:14+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

Thanks so much. So one last question the products you mentioned would I just call my store in Los Angeles Wilshire/Union #1048 and ask if those specific products are in stock, The store is huge so if they don't have I guess just search for something similiar.


Oh one more question, now the 4 inch scraper, are there any scrapers that you dont have to keep changing the blade, because I cut myself with a smaller type one where you apply the blade in it, and if its not tight enough even though you applied it correctly... as opposed to one that is a blade thats actually perm attached, and you just have to sharpen occasionally? Curious.


Thanks though.

Posted 2011-10-29T05:31:15+0000  by Davy333

Hello Davy333!


What great advice you got from shecandoit22!


Every time I read her posts, I know the thread is moving toward an Accepted Solution!


I can't improve upon her advice, but I may be able to help with your concern about cutting yourself.


The four-inch scraper that she recommends actually locks the blade into the base using two spinner nuts. Replacing the blade only requires removing these nuts, pulling off one side of the blade carriage, positioning the new blade over the exposed bolts, and closing the blade carriage by tightening the spinner nuts.


The blade has two holes through which the bolts pass to ensure it is properly positioned ... and you do not have to touch the exposed sharp edge at all.


One other safety feature of this tool is the round grip that allows you to control the scraping motion without getting your hand near the cutting edge.


Your store should have this tool. It is an everyday pro tool used to scrape paint off of windows.


If you like the way these tools work and you feel safe using them, don't forget to consider clicking Accepted Solution on shecandoit's post.


I find the right advice from an experienced pro always makes the job easier.

Posted 2011-11-01T13:43:19+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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