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Removing a sink drain from a pedestal sink?

I am trying to replace the drain in my pedestal sink but am having trouble removing the lock nut since the space between the sink and the wall is so small.  Is there a specialized tool I can use to remove the lock nut (all the wrenches I have tried to use won't fit because of the wall)?  What tool would you recommend?  All other sites say to remove the sink basin from the pedestal, but I would prefer not to do this as I would have to remove all the caulking and recaulk the sink again afterwards.



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Posted 2013-01-14T17:14:17+0000  by buzzy2013 buzzy2013

Hey Buzzy.  


There are a few specialty tools that are designed just for pedestal sink drain removal.  A large basin wrench is the most common one.  It grips the nut at an angel - allowing you to twist the handle to loosen it (and tighten).


This can be found at your Home Depot store:

Posted 2013-01-14T19:15:53+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

Thanks- I should have mentioned that I tried a basin wrench and so far have not had any luck.  The lock nut is pretty short so the basin wrench keeps slipping off before I can get it to turn.  Are there any other tools that might do the trick?

Posted 2013-01-14T20:15:01+0000  by buzzy2013

Hi buzzy,


If this is one of those plastic ones and you're going to replace it.... use snips and cut it up in pieces.


Or loosen the basin from the wall and lift it up just enough for the pedestal to slide out...


This way you won’t damage the caulk around the top of the basin.


Hope this helps,



Posted 2013-01-15T20:12:45+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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