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Bath & Faucets

Removing a toilet

I want to convert my half-bath to a utility room and would like to remove the toilet.   I would like to do this in a manner that will allow the toilet to be re-installed at a later date if possible.

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Posted 2013-01-10T16:15:29+0000  by kimberlyjune kimberlyjune

Hello KimberlyJune!


What an interesting use of your space!


You have at least two options for plugging the drain pipe after you remove the toilet:


1) A 4-inch Mechanical Plastic Test Plug will provide a temporary drain closure that can easily be removed later; and

 Mechanical Plastic Test Plug.png

2) A Four-inch PVC Drain Cap which glues in place, but can be cut off later when the toilet is ready to reinstall.

Four-inch PVC Drain Cap.jpg


Other options exist, but these are the two least costly and most immediate solutions.


NOTE: If your drain is three-inch, ask your Plumbing Associate to show you three-to-four-inch conversion couplings or similar caps for three-inch pipe.



Posted 2013-01-10T18:20:02+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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