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Removing and replacing a leaky shower faucet !

I have a leaky shower faucet it is one of the one knob faucets where it turns so far for the cold water then all the way around for hot water The knob will turn off but the hot water keeps leaking ! We have purchased a new faucet ,but when my house was remodeling in 99 the contractor did not leave a panel loose or an opening so we can get to the pipes,,etc behind the wall ! Please help me !! ?I need this fixed ASAP because it is now leaking a pencil size stream and I have to turn the water off outside when I am not using the water ! PLEASE HELP!

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Posted 2011-06-10T14:51:43+0000  by michelle071 michelle071

Hello michelle071.  Welcome to the Home Depot Community!


Help is on the way.  What you will need to do is replace the cartridge inside the faucet.  You can do this without tearing out the wall and replacing the entire valve.  The cartridge will look something like this:


There are 2 threads on this forum that you will likely find helpful:


Home Depot has a detailed project guide that explains how to do this here: LINK.

Below is an excerpt of the steps involved:





The above guide has you replacing the rubber parts and reinstalling.  It would be easier just to buy a new cartridge, but that's up to you.  With this fix your shower faucet should once again work like new!


I hope this helps.


Posted 2011-06-10T15:38:19+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

My husband has taken the faucet apart and the type of faucet we have it does not have a retaining clip and the area where the cartridge is suppose to be located does not look anything lIke the one  in the link provided ! Can you please give me another suggestion or more information ! PLEASE ASAP !  Thank you

Posted 2011-06-11T22:55:03+0000  by michelle071

Hi michelle071 is there anyway you could provide a few pictures of the shower setup that's still in the wall, as well as the faucet you intend to put in? This will help greatly assist us in getting you the answer you need.



Posted 2011-06-12T12:56:02+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL
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