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Removing average size tree where to dispose

So I'm planning on getting rid of two trees about 6 ft tall and a bush around 4ft. Should I use an axe or a chainsaw to get at the roots and trunk? Also more importantly what do I do with the tree after I remove it? 
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Posted 2016-04-15T12:53:10+0000  by RichFix RichFix

Hi RichFix.


Thank you for your great question.


The best tool to user to remove the roots of your 6 foot tree is a heavy duty Cutter Mattock.  This type of mattock has a small cutting type axe on one side and a heavy flat digging/chopping piece on the other end. 


                                            Nupla 5 lb. Cutter Mattock with 36 in. Fiberglass Handle

                          Nupla 5 lb. Cutter Mattock with 36 in. Fiberglass Handle


The chain saw will work for the branches above the ground but it becomes ineffective when you try to use it to cut the root system.  When the chain saw touches the dirt on the roots, it just dulls the blade immediately! 


I would cut all the branches off on the tree and trim the bush down to about 2-3 feet from the base.  Next, you will want to dig down and cut the roots off about 2 feet from the base of the tree and bush.  If the ground is damp, you should be able to pull the bush and tree out with a heavy chain and a truck. 


If you do not have the chain and a pulling vehicle, you will need to dig and cut your way around the tree and bush until you get to the tap roots.  You should be able to cut away at the smaller branches of the bush as you dig down into the root system.  It is a labor intensive project and will take several hours to complete.  I have used this method on two large trees, but I used my four wheel drive to pull the stump out.

Another method to remove the base of the tree and bush is to rent a stump grinder from your local Home Depot Tool Rental. 

                               Compact Stump Grinder

Compact Stump Grinder


This will make very short work of the roots and the stump.


As far as where to dispose of the trunk of the tree, I would cut it up into 16-18 inch lengths and stack it out at the end of your driveway with a “FREE FIRE WOOD” sign if you do not want to use it in your fireplace.  It will take about 4-6 months to dry in the sun if you want to keep it for your own use.


If you want to dispose of it, check with your local waste disposal.  Most cities have a Green Waste Disposal Program.  For your area, the Whitetail Disposal Company requires that twigs and branches be bundled, less than 4ft. long and leaves and grass clippings be placed in bags that are less than 20lbs. each. 


Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.



Posted 2016-04-15T18:40:14+0000  by Rick_HD_OC
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