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Removing carpet stair treads

I have stair treads that I would like to remove and replace and from what I can they are on with adhesive and would like to know how to safely remove without ruining the hardwood stairs......

Any suggestions?


--New home owner

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Posted 2010-11-27T18:11:09+0000  by screaminmimi screaminmimi

If the carpet is attached with adhesive, I think you will have to tear off the carpet, and then use something like lacquer thinner to remove the adhesive. If there is a nosing on the treads though, check carefully for tacks under the nosing and at the back of the tread.

Posted 2010-11-28T02:18:40+0000  by highinspect

Hey screaminmimi.


I see your dilemma, but I have a question. Typically carpet inside a house is attached on stairs with tacks or staples under the nose and in the corners. Carpet outside is usually attached with an adhesive. Are these stairs inside or outside. The problem you may run in to is when an adhesive is used on stairs, it will take so much time scraping and sanding each tread that it may become much easier to replace them.


If you do manage to get the carpet off the stairs then I would recommend purchasing a Dremel Multi-Max Oscillating tool. This works great for scraping and sanding, especially in corners and tight places. I would think though, if you were gonna spend $99 on a Dremel, you might as well spend a little more and just buy some new treads and save some time. 


Thanks for the question and welcome to the community.



Posted 2010-11-28T19:50:26+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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