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Removing insulation from attic

Does anyone have any suggestions when it comes to how to remove insulation for my attic?

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Posted 2012-09-30T22:00:04+0000  by raybuhr1 raybuhr1

Hi Raybuhr1,


Removing attic insulation is a dirty and unpleasant job. Be sure to wear good respirator, safety glasses and preferably a disposable jump suit. Fiberglass insulation is a bear to work with and you will itch all over when you’re done.


If you have roll or bat type of insulation these can be rolled up placed in large trash bags and removed.


Be sure to protect the interior of your home from the fiberglass fibers and rodent dropping that are always present in the old insulation. Lay out plastic on the floors along the exit path and when you’re done roll it up and dispose of it with the insulation.


If you have blown in insulation, the easiest way to remove it is with a commercial shop vac with a HEPA filter, or a reversible leaf blower. These can be rented if you don’t already have one.


 As the vac or blower bag is filled transfer the insulation to large trash bags and remove the insulation.


 If you have a commercial vac available, try removing an attic vent and use long hoses to vac up the insulation and transfer it to trash cans outside.


If a vac or leaf blower is not available you can use a spring steel or plastic leaf rake and trash bags.


These rakes will be less likely to damage the ceiling below or any wiring in the attic, as their tangs are flexible. Rake up one section at a time and bag it and remove it.


I hope these ideas are useful to you.



Posted 2012-10-01T17:56:43+0000  by Mike_HD_OC


Curiosity would have me ask what necessitates the removal of the insulation? Has it been damaged or do you just want to increase its efficiency?

Posted 2012-10-01T18:36:20+0000  by ordjen

I have old saw dust insulation. What kind of bags should I use to collect insulation with a reversed leaf blower?

Posted 2013-09-03T19:55:25+0000  by lis610
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