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Removing tile kitchen counter top

Hello Everyone,

I'm about to start doing some medium renovation in my home, one of them being replacing the old tile kitchen counter top with solid surface.  To save money, I want to demo the old counter top so that they contractor just has to install the new counter top.  Looking around online, I see several videos stating on how to remove the tiles from the backer board before removing the board itself.  

My question is whether removing the tile is actually necessary?  After removing any fasteners underneath the counter top, wouldn't it be faster to just remove the whole thing in one swoop?  Assuming I have a friend help me lift the whole thing off the cabinets of course...

Thanks in advance,
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Posted 2015-04-04T07:20:05+0000  by jisoo411 jisoo411
Most tile countertops are a layer or two of plywood, backerboard, and then the tile.  If the plywood is screwed down from inside the cabinets, there's no reason you have to demo the tile because you should be able to pull the entire countertop.  Depending on the size, weight may become an issue when you go to move it.
Posted 2015-04-04T10:44:08+0000  by Adam444
Hi jisoo411!

Many projects like this are just that simple.

Remove a fastener or two and the full surface comes off.

However, if non-standard construction was applied, you may have to experiment to find a release method.

In the interest of safety, take note of the weight you are trying to remove before lifting over the floor or appliances.

I have seen shortcuts become costly when they cause damage.

Consider breaking the job down into manageable pieces.
Posted 2015-04-09T16:17:16+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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