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Renovating a basement and found old insulation in the walls. What to do?

I am not a contracter but I am currently finishing a friends basement. Due to hurricaine Sandy the basement was fully gutted. The basement has certain sections that have old insulation above the foundation wall on the exterior wall and there are other sections that have insulation behind old Plater board.

Do I leave this insulation in place and just seal it in an don't touch it or rip it out and replace? Is it possible if this is asbestus insulation?

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Posted 2012-12-31T03:27:38+0000  by ronrf1 ronrf1

Hi ronrf1,


Most likely you are looking at the faced fiberglass insulation. Asbestos insulation was typically used as pipe insulation around the hot water and steam pipes. However to be certain I would need to see a picture of it ... Can you post a picture here?


Do you need to rip it out?


If it has any signs of water or mold damage than answer is; YES, otherwise no you can leave it the way it is.


Nowadays building codes have changed and require different type of insulation to be installed over the CONCRETE walls.


Depending on the revision your local building department is going with you may need to replace insulation that's over the concrete with rigid XPS foam.

 xps foam.jpg

Also I would recommend using mold tough drywall instead of the standard gypsum.

 mold tough.jpg

Hope this helps and please post back with the insulation pic. 



Posted 2012-12-31T17:51:29+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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