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Repainting bathroom and removing floor and replacing. Please advise.

Hi I am trying to repaint my bathroom with ralph lauren white and waterproof it.  Is it possible and how to go about it?

It also needs floor repair.  How to do it?  Do I need to remove the floor molding?  Where is bottom of floor and if that needs replacing how and where to stop repairing?


Thank you.

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Posted 2010-11-28T02:57:52+0000  by alex808808 alex808808

Hey alex808808.


  Welcome to the community… It sounds like you are about to embark on a pretty good sized project. How about we tackle this one as a team?


   The walls are the easy part, but should probably wait until the flooring issue is addressed first - that way we don’t have to redo work. If you have a vinyl floor - first, remove the quarter round trim at the base boards . Try and be gentle so you can re-install those pieces later after the floor is ready. New vinyl can be applied over the existing floor. You might want to consider getting a pro for this stage, because it can get tricky.  Check out our flooring department for an awesome array of possibilities and samples you can take home.


  When it comes time to paint the walls in the bathroom, I recommend priming the walls first with an oil based product like KILZ or COVER STAIN.








 This will ensure that the old surface is sealed and that a vapor barrier has been put in place before the new paint is applied. If the bathroom is exposed to a lot of moisture, then a satin finish would be the best way to combat any future damage.

Thank you once again for joining the community. Please post pictures of your project so we can follow your progress.

Posted 2010-11-28T19:08:28+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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