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Repainting outdoor concrete steps

I need to remove the existing paint that has mostly worn off or eroded and repaint my outdoor concrete steps. There is also a large horizontal crack in  the bottom step that I need to patch.  What do I need to buyand/ or rent to do this project?

Should I use a sealant, stain or outdoor paint?

I also need to strip and repaint the railings on those steps.  They are wrought iron i believe and have at least two coats of paint on them already.

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Posted 2013-06-17T21:02:29+0000  by Doobum Doobum

Howdy Doobum,


Welcome to The Home Depot community for starters. This is the place to share questions, answers, expertise and opinions. To answer your question about "repainting concrete steps" let's look at your options and step by step options.


Option 1) You can use paint remover to get rid of most of the residual paint. Using these strippers will get rid of most of the paint in a matter of minutes.


        9bd7575f-2dc0-4e1d-a7df-d1fff3e6e07a_300.jpg  strip2.jpg  goofoff.jpg


Option 2) A pressure washer can make a clean, hazmat free, clean stripping for cement and other surfaces. Most Home Depot stores rent pressure washers if your only going to need it for this one project.




When the cement is clean and dry it's time to fill in the crack with a cement repair epoxy. Remember to not use too much patch or you'll be scraping the excess off.


                  05d26e2d-893a-4ed5-9215-c76563a62b1c_300.jpg                   61d1b254-3d97-4311-a0ac-fec80bd5a409_300.jpg                    c81132f2-ceb8-48b2-a70e-61b485b1c815_300.jpg


Finally you will either spray or roll on paint to the now clean cement steps. Remember to use at least 2 coats and a sealent.

681c5970-34e2-4e7d-bd67-584e8179d126_300.jpg      98ee2e2d-0ce0-47af-8754-00e6acf8aa08_300.jpg 6b5bf5b8-667a-47f9-8e4e-44cca7efdcea_300.jpg

The same steps listed here would apply to the wrought iron fencing. I have found a wire brush on a drill does alot of work on metal fencing.


Let us know how your new finished steps look,


Happy Painting,





Posted 2013-06-18T00:09:05+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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