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Repainting/touch up wood bathroom cabinets and tub surround

We are trying to get our home ready to list for sale and have a master bathroom with large dual vanities and garden tub with a wood trim work/surround that are all peeling and flaking in places.  The paint is flaking off right down to the wood on some of the edges, etc.  Not on the big flat clean surfaces -- that part is fine.  These are real wood custom cabinets, not veneers.  What do we do to touch up these edges/trim?  Do we have to repaint all of the cabinet?  If so, would it be the traditional method of cleaning, sanding/scraping, painting?  We'd like to do the easiest/quickest thing because we are selling....  Thank you so much for any insight. 
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Posted 2016-01-11T18:31:20+0000  by AmyYJ AmyYJ
Hi AmyYJ,

The only real solution is to use the traditional method of scraping, sanding and repainting, if these are small areas as you say, it should not be a major problem.

Rather than repainting the entire cabinet try using a contrasting color for the edges and some trim. Mask off the good areas and make it a two tone cabinet.


Posted 2016-01-11T23:04:19+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

You can certainly try to touch up those areas that are peeling. If that does not meet your satisfaction when done, you can always go to Plan B and give the cabinets a general painting.

If you take one of the doors or drawers into your local Home Depot Paint Department, they can have the computer custom color match to your existing color. They will also be able to assess how shiny the existing paint is. You must match not just the color, but also the sheen.

I am assuming that your cabinets still have the original factory finish on them. This will undoubtedly be a hard lacquer or oil finish. This type of finish sands well and the rough edges "feather" out well. Any bare wood should be primed, preferably with an oil based primer. Sound existing finish may simply be given a "scuff sanding" to dull the surface and assure good adhesion of the new paint. Of course, the whole cabinet should be cleaned of any dirt, and especially any oily substances, such as oil from hands or cosmetics.
Posted 2016-01-12T06:42:38+0000  by ordjen
Hi AmyYJ,

In an earlier thread, we discussed:

How To Refresh Gloss Paint on Trim and Cabinets

Click the link to see helpful hints for your project.
Posted 2016-01-12T17:47:23+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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