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Repair Fountain Cable

We have a damaged fountain cable for a pond and would like to understand how to ensure waterproofing of the repair. Thanks

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Posted 2011-06-19T13:16:40+0000  by Soup Soup

Thanks for joining us on the community Soup, and also helping me decide what I want for lunch today :robotvery-happy:.


I'm ChrisFixit from the Atlanta area Home Depot and have recently had to redo some repairs to my own pond pumps and wanted to give you some tips.


First and foremost always make sure you've cut power to the pump you're working on. 


Now because we're dealing with water and electricity waterproofing is obviously highly important, so I suggest we go a little overboard to make sure the repair is solid.


The first portion of the repair involves using Liquid Tape over the repair. Liquid Tape will give you a waterproof covering over the repair.

Next up as a bit of extra insurance against Murphy and his law, use Heat Shrink Tubing over the liquid tape coated repair. This will make sure that the repair is as water tight and as long lasting as possible. Keep in mind that the heat shrink tubing will have to be placed onto the cable prior to applying the liquid tape, and then slid back up and into place.


Both these products can be found in the electrical department of your local store.


I hope this is helpful. Be sure to get back to us with any further questions you may have.



Posted 2011-06-19T14:48:34+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL

Hey there soup! I just wanted to drop in and add on to the correct advise that Chris gave you. 


To make things easier Home Depot now sells splice kits in the electrical department that contain everything you need to complete a waterproof splice that can be direct-buried.


You can browse through some of these kits HERE



Posted 2011-06-20T19:13:21+0000  by BlakeTheDiyGuy
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