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Repair Moisture Damaged Framing

I am in the process of closing on a foreclosed home.  The house is a split level with a deck coming off of the upper level.  The deck is shot and will be torn down and eventually rebuilt.  The deck was not built properly and moisture has been dripping down below the deck into the siding.  The basement bedroom underneath deck has some signs of moisture behind the dry wall.  The siding in the area also appears to be water damaged and the home inspector advised the framing on this portion of the house may need to be repaired.  Aside from removing dry wall, I am wondering what kind of support should be put up and the correct way to replace each piece of the framing.  I am novice when it comes to construction but have friends and family that may no more.  Any ideas, tips would be greatly appreciated.  There is also a basement window that does not me egress and the plan is to reframe a bigger window as we replace/repair the framing.



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Posted 2011-06-18T17:53:10+0000  by jsimp406 jsimp406


I have experienced your same situation several years ago, and have seen several others as well.

If a deck is not properly installed – it’s both dangerous and problematic. You should remove the deck before any other repair work has begun on the house.


It will be necessary to roughly inspect the wall structure affected by the deck.



Pull off a couple of rows of siding just behind where the deck was attached to the house - you are looking for rotted wood damage.  Take note as to the extent of damage to the house band joints and plates (see below).  If there is extensive damage, then you may have to get another inspection to identify what may need to be repaired.


0 1a1a1DeckCheckTT02.jpg



Remove the sheet rock and inspect the wall studs for water damage.  You can replace any rotted studs and clean any mildewed sections with bleach and water mixture.   Now is a good time to add that frame for the new window.  You may have to re-insulate as well (depending on mold damage).  The good news is that when replacing any studs – just measure the old one, cut the new one exactly the same and install it in the same place as the old one.


Framing out a window is a little more complex, but here is a diagram to help you get started.


window frame.JPG

Posted 2011-06-19T14:59:02+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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