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Repair front entry door framing

My friend had his front entry door replaced a year ago and the guy who did it didn't completely finish the job.  He left from the top of the door frame to where it meets the roof open(about a 4 or 5 inch gap) the whole length of the door.  My friend just has a 2X4 board wedged in there now to try and prevent birds from nesting in his rafters(which didn't really stop them last year).  He has a brick house and we weren't really sure how to permanently fix this gap.  Is using bricks and mortar the best way to go? Or is there an easier alternative? 

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Posted 2011-03-24T02:32:10+0000  by weezer8227 weezer8227

Hey Weezer8227,


Matching the look of the home while preventing the critters (and water) from getting in thru that open space would be my priority. This will maintain the appeal of the home for resale and prevent further damage.


Among the most common options is a decorative facade. Essentially finished trim for your entry door that will cover that four to five inch opening. Be sure to select one that will match the style of the home, and above all else install flashing above the door and seal the upper edge with caulk to direct water outside the building.


This is probably that "simple" solution you requested. Here is a sample header that would do the job.




A full facade would include decorative trim on either side of the door as well.


Brick and mortar is certainly an option ... but matching the brick and mortar color on the existing exterior wall can be quite a trick.


When your installation is complete, come back and post a photo here to share you handiwork with the Community.

Posted 2011-03-24T12:34:11+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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