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Repair / seal a metal roof that leaks

I have a sunroom built by a company called Bittnner which leaks. I am looking at sealing the seams on the roof and would like to know what product is recommended and the best way to get it done. The roof looks like it is a metal roof and with last years snow storms the leaks were the worst.

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Posted 2011-06-05T14:04:32+0000  by neo2001 neo2001

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I am sorry to hear about your dilemma.  When dealing with a leaky roof it’s always best to put on your detectives hat and investigate first.  Most prefabricated sunrooms are made with specific designs for the roof.  Most posses similar cleated seams that lock together and run the length of the roof. This design should eliminate any possibilities of leaking within the center part of the roof.




Most leaking will occur at the place where the addition connects to the house.  If any water is entering at those points, then it could run inside the roof and come out at various places.  Check that place first and apply a silicone based sealant where you see cracks or openings.  If you still feel that the joints/seams of the roof are leaking, then a great product to use that will permanently seal it is SEAMER-SEAL.  It’s generally used for quickly sealing up leaks in gutters, but will do great on the metal roof as well.


217dOsj5pML.jpg  9111352.jpg

As always, be very careful when working on metal roofs – they can be very slippery and might have sharp edges.

Posted 2011-06-05T15:47:33+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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