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Repairing Front Porch Ceiling

Hi - Im new to this home depot forums thing.  So, this is my first DYI HELP post. :smileyhappy:

I am working around my house to repair items before listing my home.  In a effort to resolve a deferred maintenance issue on the front porch I am seeking help.

I have an old home with a walk up front porch.  my problem is when you are on the porch and look up at the ceiling of the porch overhang all of the paint on the bottom of the porch ceiling is peeling and it looks awful.  It seems like too much time intensive work to scrape all the paint on the ceiling off the porch and repaint it.  Is there a better solution to resolve this problem?  I was thinking about just applying Wainscot Paneling over the peeling paint disaster?  Bad idea? Any other ideas?

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Posted 2010-12-30T20:41:24+0000  by jacks013 jacks013

If it is an outside area, have you tried using a pressure washer to remove the paint?  While installing paneling will get the job done, it will take just as long, depending on the method used to install it.  If you plan on using construction adhesive, you will need to scrape the peeling paint anyways to get proper adherence.  The other factor is the weather.  Even if it is covered, it is very cold in most of the country right now, so take that into consideration.


If you do decide to install Wainscot paneling, you should at least attempt to scrape the larger areas and don't leave any imperfections, as they make it more difficult to work with.

Posted 2010-12-31T17:57:20+0000  by GrueMaster

Hey jacks013,

Welcome to the community!


Being that you are new to the forum I’m going to suggest an easy solution for the first time:smileyvery-happy:.

Having said that you are not too interested in scraping and repainting an existing porch ceiling I would suggest using aluminum soffit planks to cover it. These planks are actually made for such application and they also come prefinished.





To install this product you would first have to nail in something called J-channel around the border of your existing ceiling, see attached picture. Do not use screws use nails because screws will not allow for expansion and contraction, also remember that wide side of the J-channel goes against the existing ceiling.


With this channel in place you next step would be to install soffit planks perpendicular to the ceiling joists.

To attach these planks to the ceiling you would first need to slide both sides of the planks in to the J-channel groove. And easiest way to achieve this is to cut panels shorter for the width of the exposed side of the J-channel and divide the difference between two channels.

Once you have panel in place connect sides first to the J-channel using river gun ,see picture , and nail middle section at the each groove section to the ceiling joists.


Further, I do not recommend using any kind of Wainscot paneling being that some of the paneling products are only for the interior use.

If using paneling for this application use only exterior rated products.


Hope that helps and again welcome to the community.




Posted 2011-01-03T15:56:27+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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