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Repairing an exterior leak.

We have an exterior leak. I'm not sure the cause - we don't have a basement, but it could be a crack in the slab. Or it's leaking through the siding. How do we test this?

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Posted 2013-11-04T17:02:23+0000  by sernovitz sernovitz

Do you think it is above ground or below ground?

Posted 2013-11-04T17:13:08+0000  by andysernovitz

I'd be interested in this answer as well!

Posted 2013-11-04T17:19:57+0000  by Emcdaniel111

Is the leak coming from a pipe / water source or rain?  I'd recommend having a technician come by with a thermal imaging camera to identify the source.  

Posted 2013-11-04T17:21:15+0000  by Muithoven

I did get notified of Erin's comment. I'm wondering if her chicago contractor has a leak-prevention system on teh foundations or the walls.

Posted 2013-11-04T17:21:42+0000  by andysernovitz

Hey guys, 


I can't wait to own a home so I can think about problems like exterior leaks. How fun!


I am commenting from the website with my gmail account -- hope we can all talk more. 



-- Lauren 

Posted 2013-11-04T17:27:07+0000  by LaurenClev

I received a notification of an update on this thread.  Sharing a doc that might help.  (wait, it only lets you attach pictures)Awesomeness.PNG


-Megan from the web (notification via outlook)

Posted 2013-11-04T17:27:14+0000  by Muithoven
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