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Repairing ceiling done with drywall, paper tape and spackle

When the drywall was put in the front room addition paper tape and spackle were used in between the drywall sheets.  Some of the tape is rising and there are several cracks. What is the best solution to this?  Do I need to sand it all down or just the bad parts?  And, once this is done can I go in with self-sticking compound tape on just those spots that are bad?  I am a novice, but not afraid of hard work.  Would really appreciate any help.  Thank you. 

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Posted 2011-09-25T15:29:30+0000  by kott4048 kott4048

Welcome weekand warrior - thanks for joining the community.


Generally, the size of the cracks and the height of the “raised” areas will dictate what action should be taken to correct the problem.


   If the cracks are larger than a 1/16 of an inch and seem to be mostly above openings and corners then you might have a settling issue.  This is a situation that might require you to re-tape over the cracks with self-sticking mesh tape and patching over.   If the raised tape areas are above 1/8 of an inch then you will have to slice the ridge down and apply the same mesh tape over that as well. Both methods will require two coats of drywall mud to sufficiently achieve a smooth repair.


   If the drywall tape is simply pulling away from its base and lifting up (causing a gap), then you can just re-apply drywall mud under the tape.  Try and pull up as much loose tape that’s necessary and slightly releasing it from its base.  With a patching knife – gently force some new drywall mud under that raised tape.  Smooth down the tape with the patching knife and add a small additional layer of mud over the top of that repair.  You can just caulk any small hairline cracks with a good quality caulking before re-painting.


   There are a lot of reasons as to why the cracks are occurring. Settling, extreme temperature changes and poor workmanship are the most common causes.  As a result, you may have to address some of these repairs again in the future.  Choosing a paint that has a good “touch-up” ratio will prevent having to re-paint the entire room each time.   The BEHR ULTRA line of paint is designed with this in mind and will seamlessly touch up even years later.




Posted 2011-09-25T17:50:57+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

Dear PaintPro:


Thank you very much for the great advice.  I really appreciate it.




Posted 2011-09-26T00:06:52+0000  by kott4048
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