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Repairing door lock and latch

I just finished taking the inside panel off a combination deadbolt and knob-lock for the front door of our apartment unit in order to tighten the outside keyholes from the inside.  After replacing the brass panel (which has two openings, one for the flip latch and the lower one for the lever handle with the knob-lock) and replacing the screws, the top latch, which has a cross-type opening to fit the flat portion of the deadbolt assembly is very loose.  I had gently worked it off with just a little wiggling and elbow grease, but what I thought was a friction-fit for this assembly is not.


Does anyone have any weak- to intermediate-strength adhesive that will gently bond this inside lever to the deadbolt assembly?  It is a very old Schlage lockset; I was unable to find the model (or even a similar one) online as I think this is (1) a rather old assembly (about 8-10 yrs+) and (2) was probably sold as a contractor pack to the apartment builder.


I want it to fit firmly and not slip off with everyday use, but still be weak enough that if I have to take it off for further maintenance, it will be possible.



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Posted 2013-03-31T22:56:57+0000  by fixitfelix fixitfelix

Hi Felix,


It sounds like you’re dealing with the mortise type of lock?


Here’s an example of the mortise type of lock:




The inside deadbolt lever you referring to …did break off the assembly or is it just loose?


Would you be able to post the picture of the assembly here?


With standard deadbolts lever pins are shipped loose so that there is room for some adjustment around the bore misalignments (hole) that’s on the door.


Is this (a pin)  what you are trying to adhere to the bolt assembly?



Posted 2013-04-01T17:00:31+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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