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Repairing mobile home that has pre finished drywall.

I have a mobile home that has pre finished drywall. I is a wallpaper and you can feel a texture on it. I had to remove the drywall under the windows due to mold from a leak. I want to just paint the wall. How can I get a simular feel/loook to the new peices. Or will I have to replace all the drywall on that wall?? Chuck

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Posted 2013-09-30T03:25:36+0000  by ChuckB1 ChuckB1





I would consider primeing the entire area to be painted with CoverStain oil based primer. After dry, trowel on a very thin coat of drywall topping compound. After it is dry, sand the entire area lightly with a sanding block with 120 sanpaper attached. Now reprime with a water based primer such as Zinser's 1-2-3. Finally, paint with a quality acrylic paint such as Behr Premium Plus Ultra. Ultra is especially mildew resistive.


It is also possible to re-wallpaper over the existing "wallpapered" walls using a quality canvas backed vinyl wallcovering. You will have to prime the walls first with a dedicated pre-wallpaper primer, or simply an oil based primer such as the CoverStain. I actually did this to one of my former motorhomes to get rid of the overly cutesy flowered wallcovering. It worked out quite well, but then,  I hung wallpaper for a living.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-09-30T04:12:53+0000  by ordjen

It's a great day in the Paint Department ChuckB1!


Texture can be created several ways:


1) Using a longer nap 3/4-inch roller cover will "pull" at the paint as you roll, creating light texture;

2) Allowing the paint to begin drying and then lightly re-roll with a dry roller cover 1/4-inch nap; and

3) Using a sponge, Wisk broom, or stippling brush just after you roll paint will also create texture.


You can be as creative as needed!


Without actually seeing the texture you're trying to re-create, it is difficult to prescribe a technique.


Post a photo and we can give better advice ... or simply experiment on a piece of repair sheetrock until you ID the right method.

Posted 2013-10-03T12:24:24+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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