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Repairing paintable wallpaper?

I painted some textured wallpaper of unknown age about 5 years ago - A nice glossy shark grey for my boys...


One of the teens just relocated some posters, and despite the 3M Command Adhesive, he didn't slow down when the wallpaper came off with the strip -


I have 3 areas, less than 4 inches square now missing wallpaper - I don't necessarily need to try to duplicate the wallpaper pattern (it's a pretty subtle swooshy thing), but I do want to get some paint back up there -


Is there a compound that I should use to prep the area prior to paint, to bring it up a notch in terms of filling the area?



I'm saying "I", but trust me, this is not my project...  :smileywink:



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Posted 2012-08-11T21:09:20+0000  by emNV emNV




I think you are going to have to fake this one a bit to try to duplicate the texture. First take a sharp razor knife and cut a clean edge around the damage. Pull back the wallpaper to reveal the wall. Now seal the damaged area with a non-water soluble primer such as Kilz or BIN. this is important as you do not want the moisture from the patching material to cause the wallpaper or any exposed drywall paper to lift and wrinkle.


I prefer to use regular drywall compound for such repairs. Drywall compound, unlike pre-mixed vinyl patching compounds, can te "feathered" with a dampen sponge after it is dry. After patching the area and bringing up to the surface of the surrounding wallpaper, gently sand the area and they feather it into the wallpaper with a dampened sponge going several times around the edge.


At this point, you can try to duplicate the swirled texture  by dragging an object such as the edge of a coin over the drywall compound. Compound is relatively soft and can be abraded. After you have achieved the desired look, spot prime the patched area and then try touching up  the spot. Of course, painting from corner to corner will give the optimun results, but touch up might also be acceptable, especially if you happen to have the original paint.


Hope his helps.

Posted 2012-08-12T05:54:28+0000  by ordjen
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