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Repairing the steps on my deck

I recently purchased a house and it has the deck of my dreams. The deck has a stair case that has 5 steps most of which are in good condition and no problems. But the last and final step which has been touching the earth for Im guessing multiple years has started to rot and has become unstable. I removed the final step to look at the damage and it looks like the frame of the steps are rotting away as well. I need to know where to start to fix this step, and doing so by salvaging the rest of the steps. Any advice on where to start and how to finish would be great.


Thanks so much and hope to hear from you soon!

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Posted 2013-10-17T14:56:42+0000  by BJM1233 BJM1233

Howdy BJM1233,


Welcome to The Home Depot Community and congratulations on your home purchase. Since this is the place where we offer ideas, expertise, and opinions let's get to comming up with an answer to your rotted steps.


Without actually seeing the rotted steps and stair riser it's difficult to know exactly what the extent of the damage is. With this in mind, I'm guessing you have  steps similar to the ones below.

               steps.JPG     step.JPG


If the step riser is like the one on the right where it's a single piece, this would make replacment the option instead of repair. In some cases you could cut the bottom portion and replace with larger pieces of wood. Why not post photos so we can give you more ideas.


Happy Building,

Posted 2013-10-17T19:32:36+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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