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Reparing built-in gutters

Hi all,


We have a torched down roof with built-in gutters, meaning there is no real gutter, water flows on the edge and the fascia board provides the border. I have couple issues:


1. One one corner, pitch seems a bit high. When it rains hard, it is always that corner that overflows. Because of that fascia board is rotten, and I need to replace that. What's the best practice of replacing the fascia board?


2. Looks like the roofing material in the bottom of the "gutter" started to decay. I am afraid the leak may damage the structure. Is there some kind lining that I can apply on top of the existing material?



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Posted 2012-07-10T05:18:52+0000  by yacc yacc

Hello and thank you for joining our How to Community.


What you have there is called a box gutter.


Box gutters are normally pre lined with tin, lead or copper coil lining. In other words there should be some sort of lining underneath the rubber already.


A problem starts when these gutters are re-roofed. Initially they were built with a proper slope but once re roofed ,rubber torched inside the gutter changes the slope of the gutter.


This must be an old building? 


One way to go about the repair is to convert the overhang to a standard gutter design.


Or CAREFULLY strip the rubber and re- torch the new one. I don’t think you'll be able to add a new liner on top of the whole thing- that would create a bump around the perimeter of the roof. In other words you will end up raising the rubber around the perimeter which would stop water from flowing in freely in to the gutter.


Can you post some pictures of the gutter and the overhang?


Hope this helps.



Posted 2012-07-10T13:59:44+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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