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Repelling Mosquitoes


Every year there is a new disease associated to mosquito bites. As a person that spends a large majority of his time outside, I have found better solutions to preventing mosquito bites than slathering on copious amounts of Deet. After my wife got Deet toxicity poisoning after a 3 day camping trip on Cumberland Island I have steered clear of prolonged exposure to harsh chemicals when possible.


When working in the yard I have found nothing better at keeping the mosquitoes away than a little bit of smoke. That is right, fire pits are becoming a staple to back yards and patios because of their ability to create great ambiance and keep the biting insects away. It does not take a large fire to chase off the mosquitoes just a little bit of smoke.

1. Fire Pits

Necessories Grand Fire Pit 48 in. Concrete Fire Pit in Santa Fe


Living in a heavily wooded area, the fire pit is great because it lets me burn the dead fallen tree branches, clean up the yard and prevent me from getting the dreaded Zika or West Nile Virus. I just recently built another fire pit for less than $100 in my back yard out of the buff retaining wall block. I start my fire with a few hand full of leaves on the bottom of the pile, then small dead sticks to act as kindling. I then pile on the larger dead sticks or branches to finish off the pile. I then go to the grill and get the lighter fluid, put some on the pile and set it ablaze. If I am going to stray too far from the fire pit, I will throw a hand full of leaves to create some extra smoke.

2. Outdoor Fans


Having just gotten back from a kayak fishing trip in Cape San Blas Florida, the no see ums and mosquitoes would eat you alive on the beach if there was no wind. Fortunately, there was a breeze most of the time and there were absolutely no biters around then. Outdoor ceiling fans will replicate this and are great for covered porches or pavilions. A simple breeze can help you keep cool and enjoy your picnic outdoors, insect free.

Hampton Bay Roanoke 48 in. Indoor/Outdoor Iron Ceiling Fan

3. Tiki Torches


Perhaps there is just a patio with no room for a fire pit. Tiki torches will produce enough smoke to keep the mosquitoes away from the patio. One torch every 10 foot around the porch will keep the bugs away while creating a welcoming party atmosphere.

 TIKI 57 in. Kauai Bamboo TorchTIKI 128 oz. Citronella Scented Torch Fuel

4. Insect Repellents

Sometimes a topical bug repellent is just necessary. The Home Depot carries the best insect repellents and sprays containing Deet, as well as those more natural repellents containing lemon eucalyptus oil. Be sure to walk the yard and make sure there are no buckets or other items that could hold standing water, as this is a breeding ground for mosquitoes to lay their eggs.

 Cutter 4 oz. Lemon Eucalyptus Repellent

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Posted 2016-05-19T19:17:10+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL Ingar_HD_ATL
Very nice post, Ingar. I, too, live in a densely wooded area and we have successfully used fires/smoke to keep those nasty mosquitoes away from the gathering. My fire pit has always been just a hole dug in the ground, surrounded by big rocks from the property.

I've been looking for a metal ring just like the one you have in the picture, but can't find one. Does HD sell these?
Posted 2016-06-07T21:37:46+0000  by BlackjackWidow
Hey BlackjackWidow.

I know the ones you are talking about. You are looking for the ones that you often see at state park campgrounds. The Home Depot does sell these round fire rings. Click on this link to access those fire rings.

Posted 2016-06-12T14:43:42+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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