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Replace An Entry Door



I want to replace an entry door (to the back of the house).  I measured the door to be 79" X 31.5".  The existing frame is still good.  There is also a storm door at the same entry.


At home depot store, I see that the door I was looking at was sold with the frame on it.  Are all door sold with frames? 


I saw online the door I like - Masonite Premium 9 Lite Primed Steel Entry Door with Brickmold Model # 45148.  Does this include the frame as well, or just the door itself.


If I use existing frame, is there a chance that the door won't fit into existing frame, or is it standard size?



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Posted 2013-03-01T23:02:50+0000  by bananamom45 bananamom45




Doors can be purchased as either pre-hung units or, as single slab doors with no lockset holes or hinges mounted. Oddly, it takes more finesse as a trim carpenter to hang the slab door as one must mortise the hinges to the existing jamb hinge alignment and align the lockset holesto the existing strike plate. It is normally relaltively easier to pull the whole unit out and  replace it with the pre-hung unit. If you find a unit that uses the same fough opening as your existing door, the replacement can go amazingly fast


The slab doors will be mostly of solid wood construction. Natural wood doors can be beautiful, but require much more maintenance than a fiberglass or metal door. Wooden doors are also subject to seasonal warping and are not generally as energy efficient as the others. Metal and fiberglass are dimensionally stable.  The panels do hot shift or crack due to seasonal changes in heat and humidity.


Hope this has helped

Posted 2013-03-02T03:33:58+0000  by ordjen
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