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Replace Blaco sink to a single bowl farmhouse (standless steel) to cover the broken granite

Existing Blaco sink size (edge to edge):  from L to Right = 32 1/4";  depth 21 1/8" (edge to edge); cabinet width=33". From the edge of sink drop down to the cabinet=8". It was under mount. Need help with what size to buy and the brand name. Thanks a Lot!
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Posted 2017-08-27T04:23:21+0000  by yanyan yanyan
If I'm not mistaken farmhouse type sinks are sized on the cabinet they're going in to.  Based on the dimensions of the existing sink, it seems like you have at least a 36" cabinet.

The tricky part is going to be the countertop.  If that's some kind of stone, like granite, it's not going to be a DIY job to cut out for the new sink.  You will likely have to modify the cabinet as well.
Posted 2017-08-28T00:18:00+0000  by Adam444
Thank you for your comments. I am going to buy the sink and hire someone to install. I am not sure what size to buy.  The sink L=32 1/4 and it's hard to find that size. 30" or 33" are more available and how does the apron front fit in the picture? Those are my questions? Don't have the answer yet.
Posted 2017-08-29T04:12:21+0000  by yanyan
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