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Replace Ceiling fan Light Kit - Nipple bobded or attached to cap


I am trying to replace the light kit on my Hampton Bay ceiling fan. seems straight forward enough however I am unable to loosen the nipple from the cap. Seems to be glued or bonded in some way, or that I'm just not able to get enough torque to loosen the hex nut and nipple.

Any advice on how to remove the nipple from the cap? Technique, solvent to melt the bond, etc. I need to use the existing cap to install the replacement.




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Posted 2013-07-10T17:52:16+0000  by thomasdel thomasdel

Hey Tom,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


Have you disassembled, or taken down the entire cap?


Usually, there are two hex nuts on the nipple, one on the bottom and top that holds the nipple (and light kit) in place. In this situation, I find that using a needle-nose pliers and a bit of WD-40 does the trick of loosening them up.

Klein Tools 8 in. Needle-Nose Pliers

If all the wires are gone from the nipple, and you know that it or any nuts are adhered to the cap you can place the cap in a vise and then take the nipple off with the pliers.


Be careful when doing this, because you don't want to damage the cap or the nipple. Using torque and elbow grease can get it off this way. You can apply heat as a last resort, but try the clamp and cover the cap with a rag so it doesn't scratch in the vise.


However, if there are no hex nuts or fasteners or just can't be removed, you may need a replacement cap. If it is a Hampton Bay fan, we can obtain one for you.


Keep us updated on your progress, and let us know if you have any further questions.



Posted 2013-07-10T18:01:49+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL


Thanks for the reply. I have removed the cap completely and can not budge the nut. I have yet to try wd-40. A clamo and some torque will be my next approcah.

If I need a replacement what do you need from me? Make and Model# If so please advise as to where I can locate theses. Don't see em on the unit.

its a brushed nickel, four spot light unit. Medium base bulbs.




Posted 2013-07-10T19:00:31+0000  by thomasdel

It's no problem Tom,


Keep up what you are doing now, and have the WD-40 and vise/clamps handy.


It sounds like you may have the old Redington IV nickel ceiling fan, shown below.

Hampton Bay Redington IV Manual


If this is your fan, the model# or UPC that Hampton Bay will need is 082392460150.


If this is not your fan, you can still get the model/UPC of your fan above the motor housing. You don't even need to take the fan down; the sticker on top should have all the information you need for it.


Once you know the fan and model/UPC, you can then contact Hampton Bay at the number below.



Keep us updated on your progress, and I hope to hear from you soon,


Posted 2013-07-10T19:21:37+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

That's the one. Yes.


I'm going to give it another go this weekend.


Thanks again and I'll keep you posted.

Posted 2013-07-10T20:38:21+0000  by thomasdel


Thanks for your help on this. It looks like I'm goint to have to cut my losses and go for a replacement part. Hex nut must be bonded to the nipple or i just can get enough torque with a pliers. Too small of a space with the wiring to fit a lock wrench in there.

Can you let me know which part number Ill need and where I can purcase one?

i'm looking for the cap for the unit noted above.




Posted 2013-07-15T15:33:51+0000  by thomasdel

A pic of the part i need ...



Posted 2013-07-15T15:42:28+0000  by thomasdel

Hey again Tom,


To reach Hampton Bay, contact the number in the image I posted already in this thread. Or simply refer to it below.



I already wrote your UPC number for your Redington IV fan earlier, so you can grab it and contact Hampton Bay directly for your replacement light kit.


Keep us updated on your situation.


Posted 2013-07-17T12:17:32+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL


After I posted I called and was connected with King of Fans. They processed an order for me for a new light kit cap. Thank you very much for your help and direction.

Part shipped yesterday and I'm hopefiul its the part i need to allow me to replace the light kit on the unit.



Posted 2013-07-18T17:18:47+0000  by thomasdel

Very nice Tom!


I'm glad to hear you got in touch with King of Fans. Keep me posted on when it arrives, I want to make sure this is exactly what you were looking for.


Hope to hear from you again,



Posted 2013-07-20T21:30:37+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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