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Replace Interior Slab Door


I need to replace an interior slab door. The old door measures 31 3/4" X 80". Replacement slab doors come 32" wide without cutouts for lockset and hinges. Can the store trim the replacement door to match the old door, drill the lockset holes and cut the hinge insets? If not, where do I need to go?


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Posted 2010-12-23T20:03:36+0000  by nylesn nylesn

Hello Nylesn,

Welcome to our community! Unfortunately cutting down door slabs is not recommended because on standard interior doors there is only about 1-1/4” of structure to cut into. Even though taking off 1/8” from each side of door shouldn’t do any harm and can be done with a circular or a table saw it is still not recommended to do. A custom size door can be easily ordered to the exact size with the hinges mortised and handle set bored to your dimensions.


There are different kits you can get to make prepping the door slab easy. In this particular kit (CLICK HERE) you have a hole saw that connects to the side of the door to make the bore and the hole for the latch. It also has a guide and chisel to mortise the hinges. After carefully measuring you can easily do this project. If you have any more questions let me know. -Gregg

Posted 2010-12-23T20:32:23+0000  by gotogregg
Hello Nylesn, While gotogregg was accurate, the quickest way to get a door that is precut for the doorknob and hinges and 31-3/4" is to buy an instock PREHUNG door. The prehungs come precut to fit the frame. All you need to do it unscrew the hinges and throw out the frame. You may need to do some adjustments on the hinge locations, but that only takes a chisel and hammer. And you can go to your local store and have the project done in 1-2 hours. It'll be cheaper and quicker than ordering a special order door. Hope this helps. I put Customers F.I.R.S.T.
Posted 2010-12-24T14:36:37+0000  by peteinthepickup
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