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Install & Replace

Replace Shower walls

I am going to replace the walls in my shower and the wall where the faucet is is in bad shape. Will I need to replace that wall first before I can put on the new shower wall that you use adhesive with?

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Posted 2010-12-02T22:24:20+0000  by pamienorm pamienorm

Hello pamienorm,

Well if I were you I would make it one project. I would always fix the damaged wall prior to putting in new shower walls. That way you could do the repair and all of the painting before you put the new shower wall unit in. If the faucet is on the same wall as the shower then the green board will go behind the existing shower wall unit. If you do not have shower walls that you’re pulling down then you would be able to just replace the damaged green board that is bad by the faucet. Make sure that you use moisture resistant green board in all wet locations.  Also if there is any mold present always use some kind of respirator to protect yourself. Make sure you treat all areas that are affected with mold prior to installing new green board. There are many different products out there to treat mold just make sure that you get one that will kill it and then continue to prevent it. Safety always comes first…

Sounds like a good weekend project. Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions.

Posted 2010-12-03T19:09:38+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
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