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Replace Single Side of Interior Double Door

Hi.  We have double doors leading into our master bedroom that lock.  An overly enthusiastic child successfully broke in the other day and the door that locks into the top of the door jamb split vertically from the top of the door down the side of the locking mechanism.  The other door is perfectly fine, but the split door won't latch into the top now so we can't lock the door.  Can we buy a replacement door (28"x80") with the top latch mechanism and the trim that blocks the other door from swinging out when locked already installed or do we need to buy a regular door and install the trim and locking mechanism ourselves (and if self-customization is our only option, would it be easier to install a whole new set of doors)?


Thanks for any help!



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Posted 2013-02-10T20:54:38+0000  by krg krg

Hi Kate,


Kate if the existing door was originally ordered from us and one of our vendors and they’re still around, we might be able to order a replacement door (called slab) from that same vendor for you.


However, depending on the manufacturer, you might have to install the trim and the locking mechanism yourself.

Your best bet is to take pictures and measurements of the damaged door to one of our millwork specialists and have him contact the vendor.


Or if you wish you can post a picture of the door and measurements here and we will do a research for you as well. The only thing we would not be able to do here is to special order a door, for that you would have to visit your local store.


Would it be easier to install a whole new set of doors?


If the existing door is custom stained, and it needs to be color matched, than you may find matching the replacement door challenging.


How badly is it broken, can it be repaired?


Can you post a picture of the damaged door here?


Hope this answer your questions, and please - do not hesitate to post back.



Posted 2013-02-11T17:32:36+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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