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Replace a kitchen sink


It is important to say that I have granite countertops with a under mount sink. Do all stock sinks come in the same size? I have a professional to remove my current sink and deal with the plumbing as well as install the new sink that I have yet to purchase. I just need the basics on how to get a sink that will fit the current opening in my countertop. Thanks for your assistance,

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Posted 2011-03-10T20:07:20+0000  by Bernadette Bernadette

Hi Bernadette, I’m Ken with The Home Depot in California. Welcome to the community.

Fortunately not all stock under mount sinks are the same. This allows for various designs and depending on your style, different widths as in a double bowl, small on one side and a larger bowl as the main sink.

Even single bowl sinks come in various sizes, and of course different finishes and materials.


Bernadette, the way to get the exact measurements would be to have your professional de-install your current sink and measure it. However you sound like you would like to purchase a new sink and have the old one removed and new one installed at the same time.


Another way is to take a piece of drawing paper or butcher paper and place over the opening on the countertop. Tape the paper down, then trace with a pencil around the edge of the countertop opening. If your countertop has a square opening, you can just measure side to side and front to back.


You can then take the drawing to Home Depot kitchen designers and have them help you get that new treasure you’re looking for. Review the different under mount sink styles we have available. Hope this helps.



Posted 2011-03-10T22:52:21+0000  by Ken_HD_OC
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