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Replace ceramic tile

Is it possible to install a different type of flooring over old 6 x 6 ceramic tile? For example, laminate or vinyl. I realize some type of smooth surface would be needed over the tile first, to which the new flooring can adhere. Disabled, so don't have the physical strength needed to remove the old tile, and I'd imagine it would be very expensive to hire someone to remove it.
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Posted 2016-12-20T16:50:25+0000  by SoBelle SoBelle
Sure but there are a couple of caveats depending on what product you choose but you can certainly use vinyl, laminate, or pretty much any "floating" floor.  For vinyl, depending on the depth and size of the grout lines, those may have to be filled.  For laminate (which is generally thicker than vinyl) you would be increasing the height of the floor by the thickness of flooring plus foam underlayment (if necessary).  That may require uncutting doors, which isn't that difficult to do but adds a little complexity and expense to the project.

Posted 2016-12-20T17:20:15+0000  by Adam444
Hello SoBelle.  Welcome to the Community!

Probably the easiest choice you have would be to use a vinyl plank floor such as TrafficMASTER Allure.  You can apply it over ceramic tile

Your existing floor must be sound, solid and not slope more than 1” per 6 feet.  I your tile is embossed, or has grout lines that exceed 1/8”, then you will need to level the floor with a leveling compound.  Still, this becomes a fairly easy option.

The reason I like vinyl for your solution is that it is both thin and easy to install.  Your floor will not get built up much and transitions will be simple.


Posted 2016-12-20T17:36:48+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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