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Replace damaged ceiling tiles

I have some water damage on my tiled ceiling. We have the leak fixed and there is no mold issue. Now we need to repair the ceiling itself in a couple of rooms. We thought about drywall, but were also considering ceiling tiles, though shopping for ceiling tiles has been a challenge. We do not want to drop the ceiling, so most of the ceiling tiles that we have seen are not appropriate. We just want white ceilings that look nice.


What are the options? What are some of the specific considerations we should make?

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Posted 2010-11-10T12:40:34+0000  by suewise suewise

Hey Suewise,

            Water damage is the worst! I am sorry to hear about that, I hope I can help. Just to make sure we are on the same page your original ceiling is not a suspended ceiling, but it is ceiling tiles that are stapled up, correct? If so, the ceiling tiles are installed onto 1x3’s that are screwed perpendicular to the ceiling joists. If you are able to find matching tiles you should be able to replace just the damaged areas in the rooms. Staple up ceiling tiles are pretty standard take a look at these, let me know if this is what you are talking about. CLICK HERE

            Taking down everything that you have now and installing drywall is a big project. Behind all the square footage of your existing ceiling tiles are rows of 1x3 furring strips that would also have to come down. You will end up with a lot of garbage, but it will also open up opportunity. With your ceiling down you could easily install recessed lighting or have electrical run to the ceiling to an install a ceiling fan or more lighting. You could also insulate and sound proof in between the ceiling joist if you wanted.  Another benefit to taking down the ceiling tiles is drywall is pretty easy to install and will give your ceiling a clean smooth look. Take pictures of what you have existing if this doesn’t help. Please let me know any questions you have and what you are going to do. -Gregg

Posted 2010-11-10T15:36:52+0000  by gotogregg
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