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Replace damaged subfloor under load bearing wall.

Hello All,


I have a 2 story 90 year old home that had some termite damage in the past.  According to the inspector and previous owner there has not been any active infestation for several years and I have not seen any evidence of termites since I have lived in it (going on 2 years).  There is almost no termite damage left in the house as the previous owner made the necessary repairs after an extensive treatment.   There is however one small area of damage left that has got me stumped on how to fix it (probably stumped the previous owner as well).  The damaged area is about 2 sq ft of subfloor that is situated just underneath the main load bearing wall that runs down the center of the house.  Just below the damaged area are the floor joists which sit directly on top of the main girder (in the basement) which continues the load down to footings.  


The damaged subfloor I'm talking about is the old 1x10 floorboards laid diagonally over the floor joists and because of the termite damage, the load bearing wall has crushed these floorboards completely in this small area in affect the wall and surrounding finish floor (oak hardwoods) has "sunken" about an inch.  This of course has had a whole bunch of consequences from the finish floorboards pulling away from each other around the damaged area and to our bathroom door just above on the 2nd floor not quite closing properly as the door opening is out of square due to the sag of the load bearing wall.  


The only solution I can think of is temporarily support the load bearing wall on both sides, cut it out, replace the subfloor with new plywood and rebuild the wall.  This is a ton of work but I have no other clever solutions, any help?




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Posted 2011-03-04T04:42:50+0000  by madstat madstat

Hello madstat, and welcome to the Home Depot Community!


I have an 84 year old home, and sometimes run into repairs that seem daunting as well.


It sounds to me that you understand very well what needs to be done.  There is no shortcut to building temporary load bearing support walls prior to repairing the subfloor.  One thing you may want to consider is bidding out just that part of the work.  Contractors who do this for a living should be able to fix this in a day, two at most.  They have all the jacks and posts, and other tools/supplies needed to quickly repair your subfloor.  Leave the easier stuff like drywall, painting, finished flooring repair, etc. out of the bid.  As such it may not be as costly as you might think to hire this job out.  It appears that you are willing to do the rest of it anyway.


Well, that’s my “clever” solution.  I hope this helps.



Posted 2011-03-04T16:30:42+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
I have a house that need to remove the load bearing wall too. does HomeDepot handle this kind of jobs ?
Posted 2012-04-26T18:56:59+0000  by do_henry

Hello do_henry.  Welcome to the Community!


Home Depot's At Home Services group primarily focuses on product installation rather than structural renovation.  You can see by the items listed below the types of work they do:


Home Depot Installs.PNG

Home Depot Installs 2.PNG


However, I am sure that there are contractors in your area that specialize in structural renovation work.


I hope this helps,




Posted 2012-04-27T17:41:32+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

I was wondering how you fixed your problem.   Did you find a contractor who replaced the key structural elements?

Posted 2012-05-14T02:07:29+0000  by roland123
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