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Replace exterior door locks

Hi! I need to replace the locks for 3 exterior doors without changing the knobs. Is that possible so that they all use the same key?




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Posted 2011-12-07T16:28:28+0000  by Joy91 Joy91

Hello Joy91,


Welcome back to the community.


If you’re just trying to change the key to all of the lock sets and have them all match than yes you can.


 All you would have to do is re-key them all to the new key. We sell a Re-keying Kit for Kwikset, Schlage and Weiser.

                                      re-keying kit.jpg

They all allow you to re-key up to 6 locks with a single key. They include 3 pre-cut keys, pins, special tools and instructions on how to do it.


I’ve used these kits many times and they work really well. The first lock might be a little bit tough but it will get easier as you go. By your 3rd lock you’ll be a pro at it. Well maybe not a pro but it will defiantly be easier that the first one was.


I hope this has helped you with getting all of your locks re-keyed to the same key.


Let me know if you have any other questions. I would love to help.  

Posted 2011-12-07T17:07:59+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

Thanks so much! Is there a THD video on YouTube to help me through the process?

Posted 2011-12-07T17:47:59+0000  by Joy91

Hello again Joy91,


I don’t think THD has a video on re-keying but I did find a really good one by Kwikset. Here is a link to it on YouTube.


It has a lot of good information at the beginning and the actual how to part starts at about 4:20. Most of the manufacture locks are fairly similar so I think it’s should help you with whatever one you have.


Now if you have a newer lock like a Smartkey than it will be totally different and you will not even need the re-keying kit.


If you would like to take a picture of the door knob and the key to post it so I can see it.  I should be able to let you know what manufacture you have.  A picture is worth a thousand words.


Let me know if I can help you with any other questions.

Posted 2011-12-07T19:01:21+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

Hi! Thanks so much! I'm sure this will be what we need.

Posted 2011-12-08T16:20:49+0000  by Joy91
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