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Replace interior door

Does anyone have any tips on replacing an interior door?   The hinge plates line up but the new door will not close.

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Posted 2010-11-07T20:59:03+0000  by ak0814 ak0814

Hello ak0814, welcome to our community.


You bring a very good question to the forum, thank you for asking. Replacing an interior door can be done two ways, the first is only the door with no frame, and this is called a Slab door replacement. The second option is a door with a frame (jamb), and this is called a Prehung door replacement.  

If your door frame is in good shape, which I’m guessing this is probably your situation, then a Slab replacement is the best option. This involves purchasing the exact same door size as you have currently, in width, height, and thickness. Most if not all interior doors are 1-3/8” thick, this is important why you ask, because most exterior door are 1-3/4” thick—exterior doors being all doors that lead to the outside, or into your garage.


Door openings usually start out square, but over time they can lose their shape, meaning there may be an inconsistent gap across the top or on both sides. Once you replace the Slab door, if the door binds at one point, you may need to plane down the door at that specific location. The door itself should not be touching any part of the frame, with the exception of the Stop moulding.  This moulding is where the door is resting when closed. Previously I mentioned you may need to plane down the door, what this does is remove a paper-thin layer of wood, essentially shaving the door to make it a tad smaller to clear the opening. You can buy a plane at your local Home Depot. If you haven’t used one before, you can practice on a scrap piece of wood or check with a friend or a local handyman to assist.


I’m including a link, "Freeing a Sticking Door", hopefully this will help you even further. Please post pictures of your project before & after, I’m sure other would love to see your handy work.


If this doesn't help, please send me some pictures of what you are experiencing, then I can be much more specific in your issue.

Posted 2010-11-08T15:07:35+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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